Expansion: The Arcane Order

Immerse yourself in an adventure with our first expansion The Arcane Order, including 60 new playing cards with 3 new categories.

Dark Mages is a 2 to 8 players Expandable Card Game in which Mages are waging a Magic Battle.

Magicians from Dark Mages Card Game
  • I LOVE THIS GAME! I really really enjoy it and the art... I wish I could have it as wallpaper!

    Chris Denmark
  • The production values on the game is impressive. Everything is beautiful and very high quality.

    Mitchell Canada
  • Can't believe the great quality of the box, art and the game!!!

    Stephane Canada
  • The presentation and production as a whole is very well done, can't wait to get this played.

    Adam United Kingdom
  • Wow is it gorgeous! You did a phenomenal job on the artwork and card designs!

    Eric United States


A fireball explodes with a low roar and deals 1d6 points of fire damage per arcane caster level. To avoid this spell, subscribe to our Newsletter Now!

Thank you! You successfully avoided the Fireball. It's your turn to play now!