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What is Dark Mages?

Dark Mages is a crossover between RPG (fantasy role-playing game) and TCG (trading card game) in which 2 to 8 players take the role of powerful wizards and are waging a Magic Battle with the help of spells and magic items.

Magicians from Dark Mages Card Game

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  • I LOVE THIS GAME! I really really enjoy it and the art... I wish I could have it as wallpaper!

    Chris Denmark
  • The production values on the game is impressive. Everything is beautiful and very high quality.

    Mitchell Canada
  • Can't believe the great quality of the box, art and the game!!!

    Stephane Canada
  • The presentation and production as a whole is very well done, can't wait to get this played.

    Adam United Kingdom
  • Wow is it gorgeous! You did a phenomenal job on the artwork and card designs!

    Eric United States