Dev Blog #2: Core Mechanic

Oh! We start with the “Heavy Stuff”. Yes, a new mechanic… it’s scary but it’s for the better, I tell you. More strategy, increase the game turn time and more fun. Now, how does it work? Regardless of the situation, you only roll a Defense Roll. Let me explain…

Formerly called the Saving Throw, the Defense Roll must now equal or beat the attacker’s Attack Value with a 20-sided die.

An Attack Value?

Each character and creature now has a basic Attack Value appearing on each card. This value becomes a kind of a difficulty level to the opponent during an attack. This value can be increased by spells, magic items or during the character’s progression (we’ll talk about this in the next few posts). So, you have understood that I completely eliminate the Attack Roll and this way, the “pacing” of the game increases considerably.

Armor Points

Another important change, I removed the legendary Armor Class. You understand that with the Attack Value added, its function is no longer necessary. Instead, I have converted it into Armor Points. The role of the AP is to reduce the damage that a character or a creature receives. Same as the Attack Value, each character and creature will have a basic Armor Points value appearing on the card and this number will increase or decrease depending on certain modifiers and pieces of equipment. So when a character or creature takes damage, the total damage received is reduced by the total of their Armor Points. To give you an idea, a player who receives a Fireball that causes 6 points of damage, and has 2 Armor Points, will therefore receive 4 points of damage total.

In a Nutshell, each character and creature now has a starting Attack Value and Armor Points. A player or creature that is attacked must roll a Defense Roll, with a 20-sided die, to avoid the attack and must be higher than or equal to the opponent’s Attack Value. If the Defense Roll is missed, the damage received can be reduced now by Armor Points. This way, it’s smooth, simple and easier to calculate.

April 20, 2021 at noon, it will be on Kickstarter.
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