Dev Blog #5: Unique Character Grimoire

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One of the major changes in Dark Mages: Advanced Edition is the integration of a unique grimoire for each character.

Instead of all magic spells being in the same deck and a water mage casting fire spells, each character will now start with his/her own deck called Grimoire. This grimoire will be composed only of the magic spells from the character’s Sphere of Magic. And to make it easier to spot the cards, they will have the same border color as the character’s card.

How does it work?

It’s very simple! Players will choose their character and the Grimoire cards associated with it and they will be placed to the left of the character card. Then, you will leave a space for the Grimoire discard pile. The main deck still exists and will now be called the Shared Deck. It will be composed of all other types of cards such as magic items, companions, common spells etc. So, on each turn, a player will be able to decide to take either cards from the grimoire, cards from the shared deck or both piles (for a total of 5 cards in hand). And on your turn, if you play a card from your grimoire, the card will go back into its discard pile, so that it can be played again later. Once your grimoire is empty, you will shuffle the grimoire discard pile and build up a new grimoire. Voilà!

A new way to play Dark Mages that will sharpen your turn-based strategy. 

What do you think?

April 20, 2021 at noon, it will be on Kickstarter.
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