Q: What is the hand size limit?

A: Five cards.

Q: How many cards can I discard at the End Phase?

A: One card.

Q: Do I need to roll an Initiative test each round?

A: No. The Initiative test is only at the beginning of the game to know which player starts first.

Q: What happens when the deck is empty?

A: Shuffle the discard pile and continue to play.

Q: How does the Amulet of Second Chance work?

A: You need to place it on your character card to activate it. When your character is down to 0 Hit Points, you have to roll 1D20 to know how many Hit Points you gain. Once the Amulet is used, place it in the discard pile.

Q: Do the scrolls and hexes require an Attack Roll?

A: No. Only a Saving Throw if needed.

Q: When I play my Companion as Shield, do the spells or instant kill spells affect the player or just the companion?

A: Only the companion.

Q: When I choose my Companion option (Shield or Ally option), can I change the option during the play?

A: No. Once you choose the option, you cannot change it until your companion dies or you replace it with another one.

Q: When I pick an enemy card, does the Companion (Ally option) get hit too?

A: Yes, of course!

Q: Once my Companion dies, does the remaining damage pass on to the player?

A: No.

Q: How do I know if I have a Black Card?

A: The first Black Card is named Frenzy, and the card is completely black.

Q: When do we have to declare the Shield of Reflection Card and/or Dodge Card?

A: Immediately as a response to an attack.

Q: Can I counter a Shield of Reflection with another Shield of Reflection or a Dodge?

A: Yes, sure!

Q: Which Card Categories can I counter with a Shield of Reflection?

A: Spells & Scrolls.

Q: When can I play a Magic Shield?

A: At the Deposit Phase.

Q: How does an Infection Card work?

A: The target player has to roll a successful saving throw to know if it is infected. If it is infected, the target player has to roll a saving throw on each turn to avoid the damages.

Q: If I roll a Fumble, can I use a Defense card, such as a Shield of Reflection or a Dodge?

A: No.

Q: When we sort half damage, do we round up or down?

A: Up!

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