Dev Blog #1: Foreword

I write these words to tell you that several changes have taken place in the last year. Changes within the company, the Core mechanics of the game and its future. You know, making a game, alone, in 2021, with the huge amount of games produced annually, it’s not an easy task and you really have to hit a home run to stand out.

That said, you are a great community of players who are loyal to Dark Mages and you have waited long enough… It is after many sleepless nights, through my full-time job and my newborn baby, that I am happy to unveil this new edition named Dark Mages: Advanced Edition.

I can tell you that, this is new stuff, so you really shouldn’t take a look at the current rules, videos, and reviews on the web. Today, we are starting from scratch while keeping the essence and the base of the game.

So I’m offering you a revamped mechanic focused on strategy as well as the addition of several new elements that make the game really cool! I’ll be doing a series of posts soon to explain these changes in detail but until then, here’s the list of those changes including some new features:

  • Change: Core Mechanics
  • Change: Power Level
  • Change: Spell Categories
  • New: Character Grimoire
  • New: Action Point System
  • New: Experience System and Character Progression
  • New: Allies Guard Mechanic
  • New: Keywords
  • New: Mercenaries
  • New: Events
  • New: Reward
  • New: Duration
  • New: Expansion: The Hell Bringer

Also, in this new edition, the Arcane Order expansion has been fully integrated into the core game. So, the advanced edition is now composed of more than 180 cards, instead of 120. I made this decision because it allowed me to make a unique grimoire for each character and create an Event deck. I will come back to this in my next posts.

You know, I’ve always loved Dark Mages but I’m especially happy with this new version and I hope you will like it too. I promise not to make any more major changes in the future. I have so many ideas for the sequel that I need you on Kickstarter. Stay close, because I’ll be announcing the date of the campaign in my next post, by Friday.

Thanks to the current players,
Thank you and welcome to the new players,
Thank you for supporting me.


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