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In Dark Mages version 1.5, each character had a Cantrip that they could use during their turn. However, it was almost the same power for each character… And we had also added Special Ability cards that evolved according to the character’s level, but some were unbalanced and there were too many elements to remember or look at.

In the Advanced Edition, we decided to abolish those elements and make something more unique. Every magician now has a unique special ability and it can only be used once during the game. Players will now have to work on their strategy in order to use their power wisely. But that’s not all, each character will now have different attributes!

So, when you draw a Character card, you will have the choice between the Male or Female Version (Recto & Verso) with different powers and attributes. In total, it’s 16 characters have been redesigned to create new ways to play and allow you to adopt different strategies in your gameplay.

Plus, we redesigned all of the Character Cards. We keep the essence of the old design but we highlighted the quality of the work of our talented artists on each card. We improved the iconography and added a unique touch to the graphics to provide you a better gaming experience.

Today, we’re unveiling this new design and we are asking for your feedback on those changes. We hope you enjoy them!

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