New Expansion Pack: The Hell Bringer

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This is the moment where you, and we, have been waiting for a long time. We are happy to present you the next expansion pack, Dark Mages: The Hell Bringer.

As the name says, in this brand new expansion, the first element is a new sphere of magic called: The Demon Sphere. Two new characters (Kate and Vlad) are added, the Demonologists. Those characters come with an arsenal of new powerful spells that will be added to the main deck.

In addition to these new characters, we are really happy to introduce you to the Events Deck. This new feature comes with a lot of new monsters, traps, weather and two new categories: mercenaries and fortune cards. With this deck, you will have to work as a team to make sure the game doesn’t win! A new simple mechanic must be done before each game begins. Simply remove the Enemy, Weather and Trap cards from the main deck and replace them with cards named: What’s happening? This way, when a player draws this new type of card, he will have to draw a card from the Events Deck and suffer the consequences (positive or negative). We separated the Event cards from the main deck, and this way, we will be able to bring new cards in the future while respecting the balance of the game.

Finally, we added some new spells, skills and magic items. This new expansion, just like The Arcane Order, coming with 60 cards and a lot of fun to play with.

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Rick and Max

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