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In Dark Mages: Advanced Edition, one of the biggest additions is a Resource System called: Action Points. Just like the popular TCG games, the integration of this mechanic balance the gameplay and add the possibility to make combos and sharpen your strategies.

How does it work?

Action Points are based on the character’s Power Level (formerly called Arcane Level). Your character starts the game with a Power Level of 1, so you will get 1 action point. If your Power Level increase to 2, you will get 2 action points, and so on.

Each turn, you will be able to play according to the number of Action Points available during your turn. Each card will have a number of Action Points required to be played. On some cards it will be marked 0, which means that this card will cost nothing to play.

This brand new way of playing Dark Mages will allow you to make really interesting combos in addition to working on your strategies. This mechanic is a major element in this new edition and we’re sure you’re going to love it.

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