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We talked about the Action Points that work in relation to the Power Level. The new mechanics we’re going to unveil today is an Experience System called: Reward.

In previous versions of Dark Mages, characters increased only their Power Levels based on Magic Items collected during the game. These items could be stolen or destroyed by opponents at any time and these levels were therefore temporary and were never guaranteed. With the introduction of the Reward Mechanic, this new system allows you to increase your Power Level permanently!

How does it work?

During the battle, you will face some creatures like Enemies and Companions. We added on those cards a keyword called Reward (and the Reward Type). If your character, or one of your creatures, deals a fatal blow to a creature with the keyword Reward on it, the player will collect the card and place it on the right of the character and gain Power Level permanently.

With this new mechanic, characters will be able to secure their Power Levels and will increase the pacing of the game and add some strategy.

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Rick and Max

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