The Story

Dark Mages Character: Marlär The Warlock

Marlär, The Warlock

Hailing from the Tower of Drimm County, Marlär uses the battle sphere, which means that he claims to be the most powerful magician in Northland. To prove himself, this infamous magician decides to summon the continent’s most powerful magicians to the plains of Thärin. He wants to show them that he can earn the title of Magistrate and rule the laws of magic throughout all of Northland.

Dark Mages Character: Kresnik the Pyromancer

Kresnik, The Pyromancer

After being repeatedly insulted by Marlär for his obsession with fire, Kresnik decides to prove to him that he can completely master this sphere of magic. Having practiced his art for many years not far from the Twin Mountains, Kresnik, with his fire emblem, has developed a flawless mastery and will not tolerate being insulted again. He joins the battle to gain respect.

Dark Mages Character: Emesh the Druid

Emesh, The Druid

Emesh lives in a dense forest not far from Mount Temple and uses nature as his magical sphere. Not considered a real magician by Marlär, this druid is considered an imposter who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Wanting to prove his abilities, Emesh joins the battle launched by Marlär to show him that he is the guardian of nature and wildlife.

Dark Mages Character: Donn the Necromancer

Donn, The Necromancer

Emerging from the darkness in a rift created by Veles, the Earth Conjurer, Donn uses death as his magical sphere. His goal is to have darkness reign over Northland. He joins the battle to create an army of magicians to help him rule the continent and spread dark souls into every county.

Dark Mages Character: Llyr the Water Caster

Llyr, The Water Caster

Protector of oceans, Llyr is the defender of water. Using this element as his magical sphere, his mission is to use the battle launched by Marlär to win a spot on the counsel to expand his influence on the continent. A formidable adversary, he will attempt to drown anyone who stands in his way.

Dark Mages Character: Veles The Earth Shaper

Veles, The Earth Shaper

Veles uses the earth as his magical sphere. During a quest in a dungeon north of the continent, he created a deep rift that allowed Donn the Necromancer to rise out of the darkness. Since this error turned all the other magicians against him, he is using the battle to hunt down the worshipper of death and send him back into the darkness for all eternity.

Dark Mages Character: Orcan The Wind Charmer

Orcan, The Wind Charmer

Orcan is not spared from Marlär’s arrogance Marlar spreads a rumor that the only thing Orcan can move is a leaf on a tree. Orcan is joining the battle to bring honor to his magical sphere. From the summits of the Twin Mountains, he uses the air as his magical sphere. Orcan has vengeance on his mind, and we certainly haven’t heard the last of him.

Dark Mages Character: Gothi the Cleric

Gothi, The Cleric

With the help of the gods, Gothi strives to have peace and order rule the land. As life is his magical sphere, he is opposed to the battle, but Donn’s emergence from the darkness and his own desire to reestablish order have pushed him to join the fight.

Art Story Dark Mages
  • I LOVE THIS GAME! I really really enjoy it and the art... I wish I could have it as wallpaper!

    Chris Denmark
  • The production values on the game is impressive. Everything is beautiful and very high quality.

    Mitchell Canada
  • Can't believe the great quality of the box, art and the game!!!

    Stephane Canada
  • The presentation and production as a whole is very well done, can't wait to get this played.

    Adam United Kingdom
  • Wow is it gorgeous! You did a phenomenal job on the artwork and card designs!

    Eric United States