What is Dark Mages: Advanced Edition?

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Just like the first version, the goal remains the same: to eliminate all the players in order to be the winner! On the other hand, in version 1.5, there was a little “something is missing” to make the game its best. Thanks to the comments of our community we did a lot of thinking and testing for this new version. We are glad to offer you a new revamped mechanic that gives you a lot more strategy and several new elements that make the gameplay really hot, while keeping the goal the same!

One important thing to mention here, everything is fully compatible with the previous versions. This is the final version, there will be no more changes afterwards, we pledge that!

I’m sure you’ve seen a few new things on Facebook lately. In the next few days, we’ll start unveiling what will make this new edition of Dark Mages a must have! We will also be asking your opinion on some of the elements. In short, stay tuned because we’re opening the floodgates until our next Kickstarter campaign next fall. After 3 years of waiting, we owe you.

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Rick and Max

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